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Pakistan vps hosting

Looking for a Pakistan based hosting without sharing your resources, Pakistan based VPS hosting by is an ideal solution to meet your hosting requirements. Our virtual private servers come with maximum reliability and absolute flexibility, where you can upgrade or down grade anytime as per your requirements. We use OpenVZ virtualizations with Solus VM which runs VPS runs like an independent server with its very own root access, memory CPU and IP. Unlike traditional virtualization technologies our KVM based VPS is a kernel based visualization where each VPS has its own kernel.

VPS Plans

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Our VPS Features

99.9% Uptime Guarantee
Full Root Access
Pakistani data center
Guaranteed RAM
30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Pakistan based IPv4
1 Public IPv4
Choose your OS
Quick & Easy Payment Options
Any time Upgrade, downgrade
24x7 Free Support
Quick & Easy Payments

VPS Hosting in Pakistan

VPS hosting best suites to resource hungry web applications, that you cannot run on standard shared hosting plans available to you or your application has some to some special requirements that are not available in shared packages. Our VPS servers in Pakistan come with high performance and local IPv4 in Pakistani data centers. We provide Virtual Private Servers (VPS) on dedicated servers with 100% flexibility where you enjoy all the features of dedicated servers at the cost of VPS. You can use our Pakistan VPS hosting for online shopping websites, content & media websites and/or online CRM solutions with mid-level load. Pakistani VPS come with your own choice of operating system and can be upgraded or downgraded anytime as per your needs.

What is VPS Hosting?

VPS is an advance type hosting where you get dedicated resources on a shared server for your application. Unlike shared hosting you get an isolated environment on hardware and you have 100% control over it where you can setup your own environment as per your own needs. The biggest advantage of virtual private server is flexibility where you allocate your resources per your own needs on your own chosen operating system.

What is advantage of VPS hosting?

There are many advantages of virtual private servers, you get flexible, complete privacy, security, dedicated resources, control with root access and high customizability as a result you can design your hosting environment depending on your requirements. Besides all this its always fast and scalable.

What is use of VPS?

Virtual Private Server can be used to host web applications like e-commerce, cms, media contents, portals etc. If you want to use VPS you need some admin skills to manage your VPS, you can also use tools like cPanel to make your management easy. Even though VPS shares physical resources with other VPSs but it's resources are dedicated to you.

Who should use Pakistan based vps?

Any application which is being served to users in Pakistan should use Pakistan based VPS because this will help you achieve better response time and lower latency. This will also give more security particularly if the hosted application is related to some government department which cannot be hosted outside Pakistan.

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