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Domain Check in Pakistan

Control your online presance with your domain name. Do a domain lookup using our online domain checker tool and find most suitable domain for you. With domain checker tool you can check domain name availability for hundreds of old classic Tlds, ccTlds and New Tlds. You will also be able to see alternative suggestions. When searching for a domain name, you have to keep few things in mind.

Business & Brand

Whether you are looking a domain name for a preexisted business or searching for something new you want to start, your selected domain name should be a true representation of your business and brand.

Short & Easy

Your domain name should be as short as possible, single word domain names are considered best domain names. If you cannot find domain name available in classic .com told, you can go for new gTlds which are more close to your business.


You have to be very careful about trademark when selecting a domain for your brand / business and make sure no one holds trademark for that particular domain name otherwise you can be a trouble with your domain name.

Domain Checker Tool

Check for a domain name you have been looking for long time and see if its available for registration with easy to use domain checker tool. Just type your favourite domain name including domain extention and wait for the outcome. Our domain checking tool will not only search for most popular old doamin extensions like .com or .net but it will also check for new tlds like .business, .online to find you the best possible domain name options for your website.

How to Check Domain Availability?

When you are trying to find an appropriate domain name for your current or upcoming business, most important thing you need to care about is, it represents your business / brand correctly. To search availability of the domain name you will to choose pre tld part which will represent your business / company / brand name and right part of the dot is the tld which can be one of the old popular tlds like .com or it can be ccTld (country code domains like .pk) or it could be one of the new Tlds that are more relevant to business (for example .business, .shop etc).