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Domain Registration in Pakistan

Just like your name is your identity, a unique domain name or a web address is your unique online identity on www known as World Wide Web. Whether you are already running a business or just thinking about a unique idea to start and wanted to run it online, you just need a domain name that is very closely related to your business and/or idea and is very easy for your customers to remember. Finding and buying a great domain name is very easy with Choose from 1000’s of top level domain names (TLDs) offered at best possible price in Pakistan.

Free Domain Registration

We offer free domain registration with our certain shared hosting plans.

Buy Cheap Domain Names

Whether you are looking for the traditional oldest domain names or looking for ccTLDs (country code top level domains) or maybe you are looking to secure a new gTlds with SilkHost you can register every type domain name. We will help you not only in getting the right domain name for an already flourishing business as well for anew startup idea that you are planning to start now and new future. We provide a big range of TLDs on best price in the market because we know your domain name plays an integral part in building your brand and catchy relevant domain name will have a huge impact. Let’s secure a right domain name for your today and tomorrow.

Investing in Domains

Just like stock investments domains can also be very lucrative investments where the returns can be multiple of 100 times to millions of times if you are able to reserve a good domain name. One recent example is of that was sold for $30 million, was sold for 16 million and was sold for 8.5 million in 2010. If you would like to invest in some good domain names SilkHost can be your one stop shop reserve all old as well new TLDs.

Cheap Domain Names

domain hosting

On top of our best quality services, we proudly offer unmatchable lowest possible domain prices in Pakistan to our valued customers with complete control on their domain names. Find our cheapest domain prices for registration, renewal and domain transfer. We also run promotions to further reduce domain prices.

Domain's Ownership

cheap domain believes that your domain is your soul property and this right has been given to you by ICANN and you should have absolute control on it so you can migrate your domain anytime anywhere that’s why we make sure your domain is registered with your ownership.

Get online at minimum possible price

Lowest priced domain name is always a way to get your business online without putting pressure on your bank account. Regardless of the type of your websites, whether it’s just bringing your passion online or starting stone of great online business of the future, with you will always get an opportunity of registering a domain name as low as $1, more importantly you can also get a free domain name with some of our web hosting plans.

Bring your idea online in minutes

No matter what are you working on or planning to work on something, you can bring it online with an old classic Tld like .com or you can get modern gTlds e.g. .app or .guru, we at make it simple for you to find the right domain name of your choice to bring your business or idea online.

What is the best domain name?

Normally a domain name is considered good if it's short, easy to remember and resonates to your brand.

Free with every domain

When you buy a domain name, offer some free services, please note these free services are limited to some specific Tlds. Here is list of free services available with domain registration in Pakistan.

Free Email Accounts

With domain registration, you can get up to 2 email addresses for free including fraud protection, spam protection and virus protection.

Domain Forwarding

You can request us to redirect / forward your domain name with or without masking to some other websites for free.

Theft Protection

Theft protection is by default enabled with most of the domain names, this feature secures you from unintentional domain transfer.

DNS Management

You can get free lifetime DNS Management service by sending a request to SilkHost support team.

Who can register a domain?

Domain can be registered as long its available at the time of registration. You cannot register a domain if it’s trademarked or copyrighted of some other company.

How to buy domain in Pakistan?

Buying a domain name in Pakistan is not difficult at all as long you are eligible for the domain name. Simply go to and check for the domain name availability. If the domain is available, just place an order and then select any of the available payment options to make the payment and you are done with buying the domain name.

How to register a domain name?

Registering a domain name is very easy, first of all you will have to decide, which domain extension you need for example .com, .net, .org, next step is to find best suited name and perform availability check. If domain name with your selected domain extension is available you can register it by completing order and making its payment.

What is a good domain name?

Domain name that is short, easy to remember and closely matches to your business is a good domain name. Do not register domain that is trademark or copyright of any other company, because you can face legal issue leading to losing the domain name. You can also find geographical domain extensions like .london or .nyc if you are running a local business.

What is Domain Privacy? offers domain privacy (commonly known as whois data privacy) where whois information of the domain registrant entity is not made public. This service helps domain registrant to hide their person data from public. We offer this service free of cost with our selected plans.

What is Domain Renewal? offers domain privacy (commonly known as whois data privacy) where whois information of the domain registrant entity is not made public. This service helps domain registrant to hide their person data from public. We offer this service free of cost with our selected plans.

Can I buy domain with JazzCash?

Yes, just like other payment methods you can also use JazzCash or Easypaisa to buy domain names from SilkHost. Our JazzCash and Easypaisa accounts numbers can be seen on the payment options page or you will see them on the invoice.

What should you consider while selecting a domain name?

There are many important factors one should consider while selecting a domain for registration, here few important ones.
1. Keep it as short as you can
2. Don’t use trademarked names
3. Name should best the best representation of your brand
4. Use important keywords

SSL Certificate

Digital Certifies protect your data including passwords, credit cards and identity information. Let’s increase your customer's confidence in your online business.

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