Website Development in Pakistan

SilkHost is complete website development company that offers a complete web development experience. Our mission is to develop high performance optimized websites for our customers. Our expertise includes CMS Websites, eCommerce websites and Blog Websites. Our team is comprises of the best individuals who are highly skilled engineers who can deliver the best output.

CMS Website Development

Are you looking for a website that is easy to manage at your own? Content management systems can make your life easy and different web development companies use popular cms systems like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and others to manage their website and this becomes even more important when you are targeting to the modern day viewers as they get bored by watching same old content and wanted to see a fresh and new information on the website.

eCommerce Website Development

Things has changed drastically in recent past as the COVID19 pandemic has forced everyone to operate from home and that has given huge advantage to online shopping also known as ecommerce. The business that were previously not selling online have either moved to online or in the process of moving online as they cannot survive without online presence. Our ecommerce solution is for small to medium businesses that can cater to the needs of few hundred customers to few thousand daily customers or even more.

What are the characters and length valid for .work domain names?

It's between 2 and 63 characters and its contains (A-Z)and (0-9) combination of these. You cannot have hyphens at the beginning or at the end of a domain name, you cannot have 2 consecutive ones (e.g.

Can I transfer domain?

Yes, domain transfer is possible of .work domains which means change in ownership is possible.

What is requirement of domain transfer?

To transfer your .work domain, you simply need an auth-code