Server Rack Colocation Price

Rack Power Price
1U 1 Ampere $79.99 Order
2U 1 Ampere $159.99 Order
4U 4 Ampere $319.99 Order

Colocation pricing depends on the space requirements, bandwidth and power consumption. Here are the two basic questions you need to answer to know the colocation pricing: Please email us on: sales [at]

How many units of colocation you need? (ex 1U, 2U etc)
What is your power requirement? (ex 1 Ampere or 2 Ampere etc)
What is your bandwidth requirement?

Data Centers in Pakistan

Pakistan has quite a few data centers in its tier one cities commonly known as Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and recently few data centers are also being built in cities like Faisalabad. Data centers allow you to rent space, bandwidth, cooling, power and security infrastructure to run your own servers and rent from the data centers. Space is usually rented in different sizes of racks or cabinets with power and internet connectivity. SilkHost can help you in rent colocation in top data centers of Pakistan on a cheap price to meet your Pakistan based hosting needs as we work closely with most of the top data centers and offer you best price and services. We work with PTCL, Rapid Compute, Wateen, Nayatel and make sure you we offer best colocation services to you.

Server colocation is an outstanding way of controlling your hardware and rationalizing the cost because companies invest and own the hardware and outsource the power and bandwidth management by renting some space in the data center. Following are some important consideration before getting a colocation:

You will buy and deploy the hardware.
Colocation pricing is always based on Rack Capacity, Bandwidth & Power.
Setup fees are another important consideration you will have to keep in mind.
Colocation normally comes without support and you will have to manage remote as well as onside troubleshooting
Speed and latency will play a key factor but when you are serving your customers in Pakistan, any local colocation will always be a great option as you will get lowest possible latency.

Virtual POP in Pakistan

Virtual POP as known as Virtual Point of Presence is A point, which will help users to connect to an Internet access provider, that is not operated by the provider itself.

Data Centre Colocation FAQs

Can I rent data centre rack space in Pakistan?

Yes, You can rent rack space in data centres in Pakistan at a very low price. We offer rack space in top data centres in Pakistan at discount.

Are there any data centers in Pakistan?

Yes, there are many data centers in Pakistan and most of them are available in Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad. SilkHost offers most reliable and best data centres in best price.

Data Center Services in Pakistan

We offer following data center services in Pakistan.

High speed connectivity
Disaster recovery (DR)
Redundant connectivity
Virtual PoP facility
Business continuity
Secure environment
99.9% update time
Online content

If you have any questions please reach us on: sales [at]

What is data centre service?

Data center service is hardware hosting service that provides both facilities and infrastructure to support implementation, maintenance and operation of a data center. Data center services are usually responsible for giving data backup and recovery, networking, website hosting and data management.

What is a Colocation? How can I get it?

Colocation is a facility where all the data center facilities i.e. space to place servers, power and bandwidth is available for rent and customers can rent them to deploy their own hardware i.e. servers. You can simply connect your hosting provider ask for details if you want to explore the colocation.

What do data center companies do?

Data center is a facility used by the companies to host their critical assets, this facility is needed to the companies who wants to host their own servers but they cannot make their own data center due to limited use case. Data center companies house their own servers as well as give opportunity to the others who wants to house their servers.

What is a Virtual POP?

Virtual pop is simply a point and via that point users can connect to the internet access provider when that point is not operated by the provider itself.