Cheap Domain Reseller Pricing

At SilkHost we provide you best domain reseller program on lowest price. By .com from $8.49, here is our domain price list for registration, renewal and transfer.

Tld <0+ 80+ 350+ 800+ 2000+
.com $8.85 $8.79 $8.69 $8.59 $8.49

Cheapest Domain Reseller

Use our technology and support to sell over a thousands Tlds instantly. We offer best domain reselling price in industry where you can gain reasonablly good margin, thanks to our lowest prices that allow you to increase your margins. domain reselling program also offers build order discounts along with slab based pricing to get you lowest possible price. Signup today for our cheapest domain reseller plan and register .com domain as low as $8.39 in Pakistan. Our prices are based on slabs, more domain you register, higher slab you get for a particular tld wich will result in high discounts for you and high margins for your business. With over 1000+ domain extensions including gTlds, new gTlds and ccTlds offers best domain prices to it’s resellers in Pakistan and all over the world.

Free Domain Reseller Account believes in entrepreneurship and we think everyone should be given equal opportunity to do the business, that’s why we always try to reduce hurdles and make life easy for entrepreneurs so they can most of their time in growing the business. Our free domain reseller account is best suited to those wants to start their domain reselling business because it allows you to open an account with no upfront payment and get you the lowest domain prices in the world. Open your domain reseller account with and let us help you in selling domains with our lowest domain reselling pricing.

Best Domain Reseller Program

A domain reseller program is a program that allows you to buy domain names and then resell them to your customers. There are many domain resellers who are offering the best domain prices. AT silkhsot we aggregate the cheap domain names and try to bring the best value to our customers and make sure they our customers find it a best domain reseller program for them.

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What is a domain reseller program?

Domain name reseller program is a plan allows entrepreneurs to start their domain registration business, they will buy domains from a reseller on a relatively cheap price, will add their margin and then sell to their customers. This allows people to start the domain registration business without investing huge money.

How can I get cheap domains for reselling?

At SilkHost, you can get domains at lowest possible price, not only that we also provide you the opportunity to resell the domains by setting up your domain registration business. Our reseller program offers you .com domain in as low as $8.49 which is next to impossible to get from anywhere.

What is a white label domain reseller?

White label domain reseller is a program that allows you to buy domains and register them for others or in other words it allows you to resell domains by keeping a margin in it without showing identity of the original buyer.

What is a free domain reseller account?

Free domain reseller account means, which does not have any account setup fee and signup fee, we also don’t force any minimum balance maintenance or minimum number of domains registration conditions. You can sign up with even with zero domains and over the time you can register domains.

What are domain pricing slabs?

We offer different pricing structure for all the tlds we offer, pricing slabs are structured in such a way that you get better pricing for each tld when you hit certain milestones. For example, when you have more than 80 active .com domains you move to next pricing slab which has better pricing than compared to base slab.