Sell Your Web Hosting Business

Do you have a web hosting business that you want to sell? is always looking to buy domain registrars, resellers and hosting providers or accounts of any size. We work with companies or individuals who are offering web hosting services but are now planning for something new to leave the web hosting industry. If you are interested in selling your hosting business, we would like to speak to you. When you sell your hosting company we assure you that we will server you customers very well and we will migrate your customers absolutely free.

Evaluate Hosting Business For Sale

Following is a list of important factors involved in evaluation of Hosting Company:

    	Non-recurring returns are not included estimate.
    	Only recurring returns are used to determine the estimate.
    	How much money a company or hosting reseller is making
    	What are predictable revenues for next 2 years?
    	How do you sell and what is percent of returning customers?

Why Sell a Hosting Company to SilkHost?

This is very important to know, why you should sell your website hosting company to or you may say is interested in buying web hosting business? There are various reasons and we would like to explain a few here:

1. Same industry, since we are in same industry, migration will be very easy.
2. We have a wide range of services and we also offer custom plans that will help your customers to keep operating on their current plans (no need of any changes for the customers)
3. Because you want to get out of the business, you want a smooth and faster transaction, which can only be done by companies like us because we are in same industry.

Email following details to sales[at]
Recurring returns of last one and two years?
How much money a company or hosting reseller is making?
What is your predictable revenues for next 2 years?