Cloud Hosting Prices

vCore Ram Storage (SSD) Price
1 vCore 2 GB 10 GB $45.99 Order
2 vCore 4 GB 20 GB $94.99 Order
4 vCore 8 GB 20 GB $184.99 Order
8 vCore 16 GB 20 GB $349.99 Order
16 vCore 32 GB 20 GB $699.99 Order

Start with minimum work load, and keep adding the workload as per your needs because you will pay only for what you need and there are no upfront charges, however the more you increase your work load, we will give you high discounts which will reduce your cost.

24/7 support: Free 24/7 email or call in support along with premier support
Pay as you go: Only for what you use for every additional machine with our pay as you go billing.
No Lock-in: Use our services without binding in long term contracts. 30-days notice period.
Unlimited Applications: Host unlimited applications on any of the single VM.

Cloud Hosting in Pakistan

Cloud hosting is an on demand availability of hosting servers on a cloud, contrary to old-fashioned web hosting solutions, applications are not deployed on a single node (called server) instead they are installed on a network on interconnected servers which ensures the higher elasticity and scalability. If you are running website, blog or an application that is gaining quick growth you will find a time when shared or dedicated vps and/or servers won’t be enough for you and you will have to move to a cloud hosting solution to get the reliability and increase your efficiency. offers best cloud services in Pakistan at lowest price, try our dedicated cloud resources to run your application and we will take care of the infrastructure your application will run on. Our cloud services are available in all major areas of Pakistan.

Our Cloud Infrastructure

We offer following cloud infrastructure in Pakistan.

High speed connectivity
Disaster recovery (DR)
Redundant connectivity
Virtual PoP facility
Business continuity
Secure environment
99.9% update time
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