.pizza Domain Registration

Pizza is a one of very popular food items in the world and now a days online food ordering is on the rise as well. Ordering food online make experience better than ordering over the phone as well. Whether you are an old popular pizza shop or planning to start one in future, a .pizza domain name can be your best representation over the internet. Choosing a .pizza gives you better change of securing your preferred domain name over .com or .net domain names because of its high availability so you will be able to draw interest among pizza lovers all over the world. Get your .pizza domain name today with SilkHost.pk

.pizza Domain Price

Price Type Price
Registration $10.99
Renewal $42.99

Why get .pizza domain name?

pizza is an Italian food item, and is one of the world’s most popular food dish that is eaten almost everywhere in the world. Pizza domain is very relevant for Individual or business who are connected to pizza business and they should get a .pizza domain name.

How much time to require for registering .pizza domain?

Silkhost.pk register .pizza domain in 1 hour as order .pizza domain order received.

What are the characters and length valid for .pizza domain names?

It's between 2 and 63 characters and its contains (A-Z)and (0-9) combination of these. You cannot have hyphens at the beginning or at the end of a domain name, you cannot have 2 consecutive ones (e.g. aa--bb.site)