.villas Domain Names

Real estate and hospitality industry cannot be considered complete without villas as villas bring luxury to both industries as the upper class loves living in villas on their vacations as well as normal living. There are no restrictions on the .villas domains which means anyone can buy or register a .villas domain name for any purpose. So, get a .villas domain name if you are doing business that is related to luxury living for permanent or short living basis.

.villas Domain Price

Tld Price Eligibility
.villas $8.99 General public availability, no restrictions

Should I get a .villas domain extension?

The word "VILLA" was originated by ancient rome where it was used for upper-class country side homes. In today's modern time it is also referred to big houses so .villas becomes an automatic choices for the people who are architects, designers and property managers of luxury housing.

What is time required to registere a .villas domain?

.villas domain registratron is instasnt as there is no manual processing involved which means if you are using an online payment method or your are using a prepaid balance that is available in your SilkHost.pk account your domain will get registerd instantly.

How do I transfer .villas domain to SilkHost.pk?

To transfer your .villas domain name to SilkHost.pk, you must obtain the domain auth code from your current domain services provider and disable transfer protections. The transfer process may take few days. On completion of the transfer your domain validitity will be increased by 1 year.